Membership Information
This page will contain information reguarding membership, dues, bylaws,
and benefits. I will also put a membership application link or on-line form
so they can apply immediately.
I am considering 4 levels of membership as follows;
1-Full Family--$20.00
2-Full Individual--$15.00
3-Associate/Friends Of The Clan--$10.00

Family membership buys newsletters, I.D. cards for all family members, a
family certificate to hang on the wall, the privledge of parade and tent
access at the gatherings, and maybe some Cameron badge stickers or
something like that. We can work on that extra stuff later.
Individual Membership will get you the same as above except you will
have an individual I.D. and wall certificate.
Associate/FOTC Membership will get you a Certificate of appreciation, I.D.
card, and parade and tent access at the gatherings.
Student Membership will get you an I.D. Card and parade and tent access
at the gatherings.
I also want to sell items, i.e. coffee cups, tee-shirts, pencils, etc. Some of
this stuff we can get pretty cheap in bulk. Of course all this depends on
the tresuary. Let me know what you think....